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The Third Party Opinion You Need As A Property Manager

PCG Consulting - The Third Party Opinion You Need As A Property Manager

As a property manager, you have dozens of “balls” juggling through the air when dealing with the restoration process after a loss like those from fire, water or storms. In addition to your normal duties, now you have to deal with displaced tenants, contractors, and the insurance adjuster.  Making sure you have the best team on your side is crucial so you don’t drop any of those balls, especially those that would mean a better, more thorough restoration of the property.

Without an accurate, fair payout from the insurance company, many property owners never fully recover, and, if the contractor performed work without the clear agreement of the scope of the project, they may not get paid. Gaining cooperation from the insurance adjuster means restoration happens more quickly and with better results.

Importance of Third Party Help

Expert Building Consultants like PCG Consulting are available to arrive onsite and begin documenting every step of the process, the causes of loss, and the full scope of the claim. We can maximize the claim so the contractors can complete all of the necessary repairs to return the property to pre-loss conditions. Without proper documentation, insurance companies are provided opportunities to deny or minimize claims that were justifiable on the grounds that there was no proof of how each aspect of the loss occurred.

With an independent estimate of the loss, contractors can then justify the scope of their costs to the insurance company, and the property owners rest assured that they aren’t being overcharged.

PCG Consulting is also sometimes called to testify in regards to insurance claims to prove the true value of the property and what it would reasonably cost to get it to pre-loss condition. Having that level of expertise very often means an increase in the overall payout or settlement, meaning the resulting work will also be more to the satisfaction of the property owner. Unfortunately, some insurance companies would rather cut corners rather than fully restore a property.

Having years of experience in estimating, documenting and managing insurance claims, PCG Consulting is ready to get to work to help you receive the level of care and compensation you deserve for your property loss. Our level of accuracy and commitment to fair business practices across the board means you’ll have the best team on your side to navigate through the insurance claims process.