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Not sure when to bring on a Building Consultant for your large loss claim? With an extensive background in construction, restoration, large loss claims, legal, appraisal, estimating, building codes, safety, industry-leading technology and reporting, the expert team at PCG Consulting is unrivaled. We help property managers, commercial properties, attorneys, insurance carriers, contractors, and policyholders throughout the nation. Focus on what you do best, and we’ll do the rest!



Your to-do list can be overwhelming when dealing with a catastrophic loss. We provide expert claim management services to property management companies, HOAs and commercial building owners throughout the nation.



We provide expert testimony, detailed documentation and accurate estimating. With industry-leading accreditations, education and the most advanced technology, our reports are accurate, detailed, and indisputable.



As an adjuster, you want to make sure your client is paid fairly, but you also want to be sure it is accurate and your reserves are set appropriately. We help adjusters mitigate risk and minimize unnecessary litigation.

Our Specialties

Xactimate Estimate Production
Matterport 360 Scan & Measurements
Thermal Imaging to Detect Moisture Anomalies
Drone Imaging and Video for Accurate Roof Losses
Onsite Meetings: Review of Xactimate estimates and settlement discussions.
OSHA Protocol Estimating and Evaluation
IICRC WRT Technicians: Assist in directing mitigation procedures and documentation.
Moisture Reading & Mapping
Mold Testing
Soot Testing

Property Management Companies & HOAs

After a disaster or catastrophic event, you may be tasked with the responsibility of being the liaison between contractors, the insurance company, as well as dealing with increased pressure of managing your daily activities. PCG Consulting expertly manages the claim process for you so that you can focus your attention elsewhere. It can be confusing navigating between demands from your contractor and the adjuster. Sometimes, it can feel like you are last to be communicated with. We eliminate the confusion.

PCG will document the loss, whether it is from a storm, hurricane, tornado, fire or water damage. We utilize Matterport 360° cameras, thermal cameras, soot and mold testing to document the loss. From there, our expert building consultants work with you, your contractor, emergency services contractor, and adjuster to make sure the proper steps are taken to prevent further damage as well as to accurately document the loss. We utilize this documentation to provide an unbiased estimate using the insurance company’s software, Xactimate. We provide an accurate scope and price to your insurance company, while keeping you informed every step of the way. Our expert consultants are Xactimate Level III Certified, OSHA 10 Certified, and IICRC WRT Certified. We work with Property Management Companies, Property Managers, HOAs, and Commercial Building Owners throughout the nation on large loss claims. Don’t let the loss process overwhelm you. Contact PCG Consulting!


As an attorney representing your client in a first party insurance claim, this may be your first claim or your thousandth. Regardless, you need a reliable expert on your side to document the damage with undeniable proof. Our expert building consultant services are really tailored to documenting and managing claims from the beginning to the end. At the end of the day, your claim is really only worth what your documentation can prove. Our extensive experience provides an unmatched level of expertise when it comes to all types of first party insurance claims. Our leadership team has testified as expert witness in several successful multi-million dollar claims. We utilize our 10+ years of claims and litigation experience to manage documentation and assist in the claims negotiation. We provide an accurate, comprehensive evaluation of your case. We understand how coverage issues can impact the claim. Whether you just need help writing an estimate or need to utilize a variety of our services, you can rest assured the claim will be accurately documented. Don’t leave your claims result to chance. Contact our expert team at PCG Consulting today and get a no-risk evaluation.

Insurance Carriers

PCG Consulting offers a comprehensive list of claims documentation and management services to assure you are providing your clients with the utmost professional and reliable service while reducing leakage. PCG’s expert building consultants have extensive experience and leading industry certifications. Our estimates and documentation are reliable. Our consultants are Level III Xactimate Certified, OSHA 10 Certified and IICRC WRT Certified. As an adjuster, you want to make sure your client is paid fairly, but you also want to be sure it is accurate and your reserves are set accurately. We make sure to work with you to set accurate reserves as well as discuss various exposure risks. We’ve seen several claims where the adjuster hired a building consultant that inaccurately set the estimate such that additional experts and consultants had to be retained in order to get the estimate right. Don’t make that mistake. Contact PCG Consulting today for a no-risk assessment of your loss.


We offer expert building consultant services to contractors throughout the U.S. We provide comprehensive claims estimating and management to assist you with presenting, testing, and documenting your large loss claims. With decades of building consultant experience, we have built a solid reputation on both the insurer and insureds side, which increases the chances for an equitable claims resolution. When you work with PCG, you’ll experience the difference, both in your bottom line as well as a streamlined claims process. Contact us for a free claim assessment!