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Fire Damage?

PCG can help!

Plain and simple, PCG exists to assist you through the claim process.

Our expertise in processing and negotiating insurance claims can put more money in your pocket with a lot less hassle. We'll save you time, headache, and stress by handling the claim on your behalf and ensuring you get paid every penny you are owed by the insurance company. In fact, our expertise often leads to an increase in the claim amount by more than 70%! That's money you could be using to rebuild and recover from your loss.

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Wildfires, Electrical Fires, House Fires, Commercial Fires


Hurricanes, Tornados, Thunderstorms, Hail Storms, Winter Storms


Floods, Water Damage, Burst Pipes, Ice Dams

Other Disasters

Vandalism, Theft, Sink Holes, Earthquakes, Explosions

Reasons to Work With PCG Consulting


Losing a home or business due to property loss can be devastating, but if you aren't paid what you are owed from your insurance company, it can be catastrophic. Our claim experts advocate on your behalf to ensure you are paid every penny you are owed.


Managing your insurance claim can be an immense undertaking. PCG Consulting has more than 25 years of experience that has cultivated our operational standards. Our expert consultants are trained, conditioned, and ready to do the heavy lifting for you.

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