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Fire Damage Case Studies

Lake House Fire Claim

Ken is an attorney and a judge who owns a lake house near Carbon Hill, AL. Ken had already begun the repair process prior to PCG's involvement, but he knew that the insurance company's initial offer of $168,055.23 was not an accurate amount of his damages. Being an attorney, Ken astutely recognized that PCG could bring the building and insurance expertise that he needed.

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Residential Fire Claim

Nick and Nikki owned a beautiful home in Carbon Hill, AL. In addition to raising their children, they both work 60 hours a week at their towing business. Unfortunately, their home was completely destroyed by a fire – it was so destroyed that no wall was left standing. Once PCG explained that their insurance company, Liberty Mutual, would be utilizing general square footage calculations to arrive at their claims payment, Nick and Nikki quickly realized they needed PCG's help. PCG immediately began the arduous process of completely recreating their home from photographs and site inspections.

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Residential Electrical Fire Claim

Charles and Carolyn owned a home that was completely destroyed by an electrical fire. They were insured by USAA. One of the first issues had to do with the pool house listed under their policy. Initially, USAA tried to significantly reduce the dwelling policy limits by stating that the pool house was part of the main dwelling limits, which would thereby reduce the amount Charles and Carolyn could recover. By working with the insured's and properly applying the policy's terms, PCG worked with the insurance company on this issue, ultimately resulting in a significantly higher recovery.

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Church Fire Claim

Pastor Gary Posey owned a church building just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. Pastor Posey's church, Victory Revival, was completely destroyed by fire to the main sanctuary. Because the church was entirely engulfed by the fire, Pastor Posey thought there would be no issue in receiving 100% of the insurance policy limits. Due to applied depreciation, the final check was for $1,330,012.72, even though his limits allowed for up to $1,710,268.49 to be paid if the damages were properly proven.

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Auto Shop Fire Claim

An auto repair shop in Cullman, AL was heavily damaged in a fire. The owner was not happy with the initial estimate, knowing that it would cost more than was initially offered ($292,570) to recover from his loss.

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The Palms Apartment Fire Claim

The Palms Apartments in Columbus, GA suffered severe fire damage to six units and smoke damage to an additional 12 units. The owners engaged in a six-month-long negotiation process with their insurance company, Travelers before they were at their wit's end and decided to seek the assistance of PCG's expert building consultants. Six units had been completely destroyed in the fire and unfortunately, the initial estimates did not accurately reflect 100% of the damage, and there was also very little accounted toward repairing the other 12 units that were affected.

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Penny Street Apartment Fire Claim

Brian owns Penny Street Apartments in Huntsville, AL. The apartments caught fire and seemingly minor damage was done to a few units. His insurance company offered $52,970 and Brian was left trying to get the repairs done without enough money from the insurance payment. After Brian retained PCG's building consultants, the insurance company also retained its own building consultant to evaluate the loss. In a matter of a few short weeks, PCG worked to negotiate an additional $78,173 (an increase of 148%) in settlement funds for Brian.

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