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The Palms Apartment Fire Claim

The Palms Apartment Fire Claim

The Palm's Apts. had received $556,000 and with PCG's assistance, this amount was increased to $787,855 – an increase of 42%!

The Palms Apartments in Columbus, GA suffered severe fire damage to six units and smoke damage to an additional 12 units. The owners engaged in a six-month-long negotiation process with their insurance company, Travelers before they were at their wit's end and decided to seek the assistance of PCG's expert building consultants. Six units had been completely destroyed in the fire and unfortunately, the initial estimates did not accurately reflect 100% of the damage, and there was also very little accounted toward repairing the other 12 units that were affected. PCG strongly recommended that an industrial hygienist be retained to evaluate the smoke damage to the remaining twelve units and PCG's building consultants also provided additional documentation for the six units that were completely destroyed. In addition to the supplemental payment of $231,855 (a 42% increase), PCG was able to work with Travelers to provide a settlement on the loss of rents and code coverage available to the insured. Our client was so pleased with PCG's results, they immediately retained PCG on another significant fire that occurred at a different apartment complex.

Client The Palms Apartment
Loss Apartment Fire
Result Increase of 42% (Additional $231,855)

Without PCG - $556,000

With PCG + $787,855