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Sprinkler System Claim

Sprinkler System Claim

This property experienced water damage due to a leak in the sprinkler system caused by MIC (Microbiological Influenced Corrosion). MIC occurs when microbes eat away at metals such as iron, steel and copper, resulting in an extremely accelerated rate of corrosion. Because the insurance company repeatedly denied their claim, invoices were stacking up and the amount of damage continued to increase due to the insurance company's refusal to pay for the damages.

After they were unable to collect from the insurance company, our expert building consultants began to fully document the damages and to speak with the insurance company on their behalf. Due to our expertise, they were ultimately paid over $375,000 for their loss. This settlement allowed them to not only repair the water damage caused by the leak but granted them the funds needed to replace the fire sprinkler system that had been damaged by MIC.

Client Commercial Sprinkler System
Loss Water Damage/MIC
Result Reversed Denial, Over $375,000

Without PCG - $0

With PCG + $375,000