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Slate Roof Claim

Commercial Roof Claim

A commercial building sustained hail damage on its slate roof. Their insurance company offered them less than $31,000 which ran in stark contrast to the estimate from the roofer for $150,000. This client spent six months fighting with the insurance company and even engaged the expertise of the owner of the company, an accountant, an attorney, and the roofing company in an attempt to recover more, but unfortunately, the result of all this work was absolutely zero increase from the original offer.

After six months of no results, they hired our building consultants and we were able to secure a settlement over $200,000 (an increase over 500%) within two months of being contracted.

End Result? A happy owner and a roofing company with a job to do and the funds to complete the job profitably.

Client Commercial Roof
Loss Hail Damage
Result Over 500% Increase

Without PCG - $31,000

With PCG + $200,000