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Residential Electrical Fire Claim

Residential Electrical Fire Claim

Offered $362,373 – PCG got them $517,339 increase of 43%

Charles and Carolyn owned a home that was completely destroyed by an electrical fire. They were insured by USAA. One of the first issues had to do with the pool house listed under their policy. Initially, USAA tried to significantly reduce the dwelling policy limits by stating that the pool house was part of the main dwelling limits, which would thereby reduce the amount Charles and Carolyn could recover. By working with the insured's and properly applying the policy's terms, PCG worked with the insurance company on this issue, ultimately resulting in a significantly higher recovery. PCG achieved a large settlement for Charles and Carolyn by taking advantage of the appraisal option found within their policy. However, once the appraisal award was finalized, USAA again attempted to incorrectly apply depreciation, which would have resulted in over $100,000.00 in reduced settlement benefits. Again, PCG worked with the adjuster and made sure the depreciation was properly applied to the appraisal award. Charles and Carolyn have since repaired their property with the additional funds PCG secured for them. It is always a pleasure to work with our clients to make sure they receive all the insurance benefits from their carrier.

Client Charles and Carolyn
Loss Electrical Fire
Result Additional $154,966, a 43% increase

Without PCG - $362,373

With PCG + $517,339