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Penny Street Apartment Fire Claim

Penny Street Apartment Fire Claim

Penny Apartments had received $52,970 – PCG's expertise got them $131,143 increase of 148%

Brian owns Penny Street Apartments in Huntsville, AL. The apartments caught fire and seemingly minor damage was done to a few units. His insurance company offered $52,970 and Brian was left trying to get the repairs done without enough money from the insurance payment. After Brian retained PCG's building consultants, the insurance company also retained its own building consultant to evaluate the loss. In a matter of a few short weeks, PCG worked to negotiate an additional $78,173 (an increase of 148%) in settlement funds for Brian. PCG also assisted with the process of submitting the necessary paperwork to his mortgage company. Brian was finally able to properly repair his property. Another great win for PCG's client!

Client Penny Street Apartments
Loss Fire Claim
Result Additional $78,173, increase of 148%

Without PCG - $52,970

With PCG + $131,143