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Lake House Fire Claim

Lake House Fire Claim

Ken is an attorney and a judge who owns a lake house near Carbon Hill, AL. Ken had already begun the repair process prior to PCG's involvement, but he knew that the insurance company's initial offer of $168,055.23 was not an accurate amount of his damages. Being an attorney, Ken astutely recognized that PCG could bring the building and insurance expertise that he needed. PCG noticed several errors in the original estimate and began working on providing a detailed supplemental estimate. Furthermore, PCG worked with Ken to discover that, due to the property's significant damage, a local ordinance would apply which would allow for an additional increase in opportunity to recover under his policy. PCG teamed with Alabama's leading insurance attorney, and successfully worked out a settlement of an additional $431,944.77, an increase of 257%.

Client Ken G.
Loss Fire Claim
Result Additional $431,944.77, Increase of 257%

Without PCG - $168,055.23

With PCG + $600,000