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Why use a building consultant?

  • October 15, 2019
  • PCG Consulting
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Why use a building consultant?

  • PCG Consulting
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Whether you are a property owner, manager, attorney, or contractor, there are numerous benefits to using an expert building consultant…

    Consultants assist in documenting the loss. Accurate documentation maximizes the claim, allowing contractors to complete all necessary repairs and returning the property to like kind and quality as it was before the loss occurred.
    Maintain good relationships with insurance company adjusters by removing any possible conflicts of interest and relying on an independent third party for documentation.
    Consultants can independently estimate the cost of work to be done on the property. This provides an extra layer of validation for contractor’s bills to the insurance company and also provides owners with the peace of mind that charges are accurate.
    Documentation from a building consultant adds credibility to an estimate for repairs. Consultants can also provide expert testimony in court for clients and attorneys who are fighting to receive an accurate insurance settlement.
    Spend less time estimating. Using a building consultant allows you to focus on doing what you do best. Contractors, roofers, and attorneys are better able to focus on representing their clients, and property owners and managers can focus on completing the restoration.


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