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CASE STUDY: $30M Hurricane Claim: High-Rise Condos in Alabama

PCG Consulting: $30M Hurricane Claim: High-Rise Condos in Alabama


The insured retained PCG to evaluate and estimate damages associated with hurricane damage to three high-rise condominiums in Alabama. Damages included over 400,000 sq. ft. of interior damage as well as damaged HVAC, roofs, windows, exterior façade, decking, interior cracking and water intrusion. PCG utilized Matterport, HOVER, thermal imaging, moisture mapping, and thermal drones to properly document the loss and present the estimate to the insurance company. 


The initial offer from the insurance company was $11.5M. After PCG’s accurate estimation and explanation of the loss, the claim was ultimately settled for $30M. The reason many insurers and insureds retain PCG is to bridge large settlement disparities such as this. 

Don’t Let the Claim Process Overwhelm You! Contact PCG! We Work with Carriers, Attorneys, & Commercial Policyholders Throughout the U.S. 

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