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CASE STUDY: $16M Blizzard Claim: Wisconsin Egg Processing Facility

PCG Consulting: $16M Blizzard Claim: Wisconsin Egg Processing Facility


A severe blizzard brought over 15 inches of snow in under 24 hours to an egg processing plant in Wisconsin in late winter, when snow piles were already built up. The crippling snow load caused a 400,000 sq. ft. building to collapse on itself, damaging the structure and all the contents within. The insurance carrier hired PCG Consulting to assess the damage and provide a comprehensive estimate.

PCG utilized 4K/HD/3D drone photography and aerial videography; 360° cameras to provide high-resolution photos; thermal imaging to determine the extent of interior water intrusion and to help detect heat losses and air leakage in the building envelopes; Matterport for interior measurement, loss capture and to conduct virtual walkthroughs; HOVER for 3D measurements and precise building measurements. 


PCG Building Consultants combined for over 250 hours to assess the loss, provide extensive documentation and produce accurate estimates totaling $16M. PCG’s 3rd party expertise streamlined the claim cycle; reduced carrier time, labor and travel costs; and provided risk mitigation with undisputed accuracy. 

Don’t Let the Claim Process Overwhelm You! Contact PCG! We Work with Carriers, Attorneys, & Commercial Policyholders Throughout the U.S. 

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