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CASE STUDY: $150M Wind Damage & Winter Snow Collapse Claim


A devastating windstorm during a harsh Midwest winter brought severe damage to over 90 metal-clad buildings ranging from 100,000 – 300,000 sq. ft. across multiple corporate sites. PCG was retained to evaluate the damages and produce an estimate and scope of work to repair the sites. PCG worked with the engineers and the insured’s contractor to produce an accurate scope of repairs.

During the inspection period, increased blizzard conditions and over 12 inches of heavy snowfall caused further damage, increasing both the scope of repairs and assessment complexity. Additional snow caused several of the already weakened roofing systems to collapse.

Our expert Building Consultants utilized the most advanced technology to provide accurate measurements and data with cloud-based and virtual tools that also reduce coordination time with site personnel while also saving travel and labor expenses. PCG utilized 4K/HD/3D drone photography and aerial videography; 360° cameras to provide high-resolution photos; thermal imaging to determine the extent of interior water intrusion and to help detect heat losses and air leakage in the building envelopes; Matterport for interior measurement, loss capture and to conduct virtual walkthroughs; HOVER for 3D measurements and precise building measurements.

In order to thoroughly evaluate the loss, PCG inspected each attic to evaluate how many trusses were damaged and created a map of damaged trusses, which assisted the insured with the specific site repairs required. Our Xactimate Level 3 Certified Consultants used this information to produce accurate estimates and conduct virtual walkthroughs with all parties involved.


PCG’s estimators combined for over 500 hours to assess the loss documentation and produce an accurate $150M estimate. This claim was settled with no further issue from either party. PCG’s 3rd party expertise streamlined the claim cycle; reduced carrier time, labor and travel costs; and provided risk mitigation with undisputed accuracy. In addition, PCG implemented creative solutions that had to be expertly estimated, such as temporary egg runs and selective demolition, to assist the insured with continued operations. PCG’s expertise led to a reduction in settlement time of 6-12 months versus our competition on similar losses. Accurate Rough Order of Magnitudes were set, allowing the insurance carriers to set proper reserves. Additionally, PCG’s quick, accurate assessment set proper expectations with the insured, which helped avoid unnecessary conflict and litigation. 

Don’t Let the Claim Process Overwhelm You! Contact PCG! We Work with Carriers, Attorneys, & Commercial Policyholders Throughout the U.S. 

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